some famous freds...

Origin: Old German 
Meaning: ruler in peace
Traits: Frederick is viewed as a good name for a handsome, older, wealthy socialite or distinguished professional. The name is also reputed to have curative powers.  Some people, however, picture Frederick as an obnoxious, insecure ladies' man or a stuffy snob.

Here are but a few....

Fred A. Young, cinematographer - three-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer

Fred Allen, (John Florence Sullivan) comedian Birthplace: Cambridge, Mass.

Fred Astaire, (Frederick Austerlitz) dancer, actor Born: 5/10/1899 Birthplace: Omaha, Neb.

Fred Couples, Born: Oct. 3, 1959 Golfer - 2-time PGA Tour Player of the Year

Fred Davis, Age: 84 - former world snooker champion; Died of natural causes

Frederick Douglass, abolitionist 

Fred Dryer, ex-NFL player, actor Birthplace: Hawthorne, Calif. Born: 7/6/46

Fred Friendly (Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer), Age: 82 - broadcast journalist

Fred Gwynne, actor Born: 7/10/26 Birthplace: New York City, Died: 1993

Sir Fred Hoyle, astrophysicist Born: 6/24/1915 Birthplace: Bingley, Yorkshire,

Fred Flintstone

Fred Kelly, Age: 83 - Broadway producer, director, choreographer, and dance

Fred Korematsu, activist Born: 1919 Birthplace: Oakland, Calif.

Fred MacMurray, actor Born: 8/30/08 Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois - Died: 1991

Fred Marcellino, Age: 61 - illustrator who designed book covers and jackets

Frederick March, actor Won Best Actor for "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" and "The Best Years Of Our Lives"

Fred Perry, Born: May 18, 1909 British tennis player - 3-time Wimbledon champ

Fred Raphael, Age: 80 - Emmy-winningTV innovator

Frederic Remington: painter/sculptor 

Fred Rogers, TV producer and beloved children's television show host , host Birthplace: Latrobe, Pa. Born: 1928 Died: 2003

Fred Saigh Jr., Age: 94 - multi-millionaire and former St. Louis Cardinals owner

Fred Savage, actor Birthplace: Highland Park, Ill. Born: 7/9/76

Fred Shero, hockey Birthplace: Camden, N.J. Born: 1925 Died: 1990

Fred Shuttlesworth, civil rights activist, minister Born: 3/18/1922

Fred Silverman, broadcasting executive Birthplace: New York City Born: 9/13/37

Fred Ward, actor Born: 12/30/1942 Birthplace: San Diego, California

Fred Waring, band leader and producer of the Waring Blender, Birthplace: Tyrone, Pa. Born: 1900 Died: 1984

Fred Zinnemann, director Birthplace: Vienna Born: 1907 Died: 1997

Frederick('s) of Hollywood

Freddy Kruger

Freddy the Freeloader

Prussia's King Frederick the Great

Ooops!  Found these too. (Duplicates are indicative of overt laziness on my part.)

George Frideric Handel
Fred Rogers
Frederick Robbins
Fred Allen
Freddie Mac
Fred Willard
Fred Clark
Fat Freddie
Frédéric Chopin
Fred C. Dobbs
Freddy Fender
Frederick Loewe
Fred Wesley
Fred MacMurray
Fred Mertz
J. Fred Muggs
Fred P. Ott
Frederick the Great
Fred Thomson
Fred Travalena
Fred Tuttle
Fred Waring
Freddie Blassie
Fred Arbogast
Freddie Mercury
Right Said Fred 
Fred Penner, Canadian Children's entertainer

(ages given circa 2003) 

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